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A beautiful plant watering


Of all colors, fuchsia, pink, black, red, brown, plants need to be watered. This one even more than others. Her pretty little mouth sucking his leering eyes, high cheekbones, like his balls in a leopard bra and her buttocks at the end of legs tied in mesh stockings, leave no doubt as to his need, see His plan to be watered by her boyfriend who loves plants too pretty to be lost, if only for a moment. Nobody could miss such a pretty plant sexual reproduction. Such a nice pair of tits areolas whose leaves emerge a kind of pistil so rare, can not leave anyone indifferent, or even look at such a fragile and seriously, such a mouth ready to drink the nectar of the night or such hands are busy preparing ingeniously tail it will be slipped at the bottom of the belly, which it will hang when the storm will shake itself out and snatch this earth-world to-earth. Well, do not forget to water it …

Date: April 28, 2020

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